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Our Team:

Jacqui Pitman
CEO – Casting Director – Executive Producer

Jacqui Pitman is widely known through Hollywood as, "the Casting Director with an Executive Producer's eye."

Jacqui began her casting career in the late 80's for the hit dating show, Love Connection and Fox's Hit STUDS. She quickly moved up the ladder and became Casting Director on multiple shows in no time.

In the late 90's, after conquering the casting world, Pitman left casting for the next 10 years to be a TV Producer. Success came quick when in 2004; Jacqui developed and co-executive produced ABC's Hit Plastic Surgery show, the original Extreme Makeover while working as the VP of Development for Lighthearted Entertainment. She also created and executive produced the MTV hit show NEXT! She takes pride in admitting the inspiration behind the show NEXT! was her own dating life.

After working on the Casting side and the Producing side, Jacqui realized that Casting is the backbone of a great reality show so in 2009 she decided to marry her television development and her casting skills together and formed Partypit Productions Inc. and Pitman Casting Inc.

Pitman Casting is a full service reality television casting company. Located in the heart of the television industry, Burbank, CA. Along with her partner and SVP of Production, John Kennamann, she oversees the casting process from development to delivery.

They specialize in all things reality; hosts of game and talk shows, experts and comedians, docu-soaps, occupational casting, competitive reality shows and more. Pitman and her team of casting producers handle the creative, outreach, interviewing and cast selection, while Kennamann and his production team handle all things logistical; such as background checks, applicant releases and agreements, medical and psyche exams and casting finals.

Over the past several years Pitman Casting has cast over 200 shows. Some of which include reality shows such as: Big Brother 2, Syfy's Face Off 1-13, Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge and Hot Set. TLC's Four Houses, TNT's 72 Hours, Bravo's Who Wants to be a Supermodel? Discovery's Dual Survival and I, Caveman, CW's Plain Jane and VH1's "Dating Naked."

John Kennamann
SVP of Production


John Kennamann moved from his native home in St. Louis to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television production. He spent his first year building sets for commercials and music videos before getting his big break as a Production Coordinator on the hit show, Sex Wars. This is where he began his partnership with prominent Casting Director, Jacqui Pitman.

16 years later John has been working side-by-side with Jacqui to help her form two of the most well respected companies in the reality industry, Pitman Casting and Partypit Productions. John is now a casting veteran of hundreds of shows as well as creator for several other shows currently being shopped throughout Hollywood.
Beyond television, John's has always been passionate about Art. In 2010, John and opened and ran a successful art gallery in Downtown Los Angeles called, Think Tank Gallery which is one of the most popular venues in the Los Angeles art scene.


J.R. Pitman
Co-Casting Director

J.R. Pitman began his entertainment industry career at the age of 21 as a Casting Assistant for shows such as Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and Hell's Kitchen. Through the mentorship of Casting Director Jacqui Pitman, he was soon involved in recruiting, interviewing talent on camera, supervising edits and pitching to producers/networks. As Co-Casting Director of Pitman Casting Inc., he has cast hundreds of television shows and has not only provided the biggest and the baddest personalities, but most importantly, real
characters with real stories that resonate!

J.R. Pittman is also Co-Founder of the Hollywood Diversity Association where he facilitates the creation of viable opportunities in the film and television sector by bridging the gap between diverse talent and industry decision makers.


Jerry W. Artukovich
Senior Casting Producer

Jerry grew up in So Cal and spent the majority of his childhood at the video store his parents owned. As a result, he always knew he wanted to work in film and television so he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Radio, TV and Film from Cal State Fullerton. Since graduating, he has worked as a Casting Director on a feature film, wrote and directed his own web-series, wrote a sketch comedy pilot that was produced by the Fuel Network and finally found his passion in reality TV casting.

Jerry is now the Senior Casting Producer at Pitman Casting under famed Casting Director and mentor, Jacqui Pitman. To date, he has cast nearly one hundred projects from reality shows and hosting gigs to scripted commercials. He also creates and develops new reality shows with Pitman Casting's sister company, Party Pit Productions. Also, his favorite film is Jaws and he hates taking photos.


Shanae Pittman-Humphrey
Casting Producer

A native of Sunny California, Shanae Pittman-Humphrey started her casting career as a freelancer with Pitman Casting. Currently, her role as a Casting Producer has been most rewarding and successful with her casting ventures which include working with such networks as Bravo, CW, E!, GSN, Lifetime, Spike and many many more. Shanae's legacy is contributed to her effervescent and outgoing personality that flames her ability to spot gifted and unique talent. Shanae's experience has made her well rounded in all aspects of casting.

Shanae's casting accomplishments as to date includes such reality shows as, Catching Kelce, Atlantic Plastic, Chain Reaction, Dating Naked, Face Off and many, many more. In Shanae's spare time, she enjoys such activities as: boxing, making people laugh and acting. Also, Shanae stands by the belief of, "Laugh Now and Cry NEVER." Shanae has now made her home with Pitman Casting where she is most grateful to work for one of the best in the biz, Jacqui Pitman.


Mike Forest
Casting Producer

Mike is from Detroit, Michigan and a graduate of Michigan State University's Film Program. In high school he worked in movie theaters and video rental chains, but in college he got his first real job in the industry working for the Michigan Film Office assisting to bring in big films like The Island and 8 Mile.

After MSU, he moved to St Louis, MO to run the college marketing program for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and worked as a promotional model for huge brands like Monster Energy and Nintendo while also DJ/MCing over 125 weddings and thousands of karaoke nights. He also location scouted and location managed for feature films, commercials, and TV. 

Finally it was time to move to Los Angeles. Mike arrived in LA in the summer of 2012 and has been working in reality casting ever since. He lives with his girlfriend, Amber, and 2 dogs: Buttercup and Jasper.


Sarah McDowd
Casting Producer

Sarah has lived in warm and sunny Los Angeles for the past 9 years. She's worked at Pitman Casting since early 2014, joining the team as a newbie to casting, but quickly learning the ropes thanks to the tutelage of Casting Director Jacqui Pitman. Sarah loves the process of casting: sourcing talent, interviewing said talent and learning their story, and most of all - putting deserving people on TV!

Sarah currently works as a Casting Producer for Pitman Casting. To date, Sarah has cast both reality and scripted TV shows for major cable networks. Some of her credits include casting shows for E!, Bravo, VH1, Oxygen, GSN, Spike, A&E, FOX, Lifetime, and many more.  

Outside of work, Sarah considers herself a true nerd. She loves reading, learning, cooking, making jewelry and traveling!


Russell Berman
Associate Casting Producer

Russell Berman is an Associate Casting Producer at Pitman Casting, helping to find amazingly talented people and interesting characters for a diverse variety of Network, Cable and Internet programming. He has experience in all facets of entertainment including being the assistant to Howard Shultz, the President at Lighthearted Entertainment, an Agent's Assistant at Creative Artists Agency and an Agent's Assistant at Metropolitan Talent Agency.

When not trying to find the next big reality star, he enjoys strategy board games, science fiction and hanging out in Long Beach with his wife and two teenage daughters.


Jackie Brodeur

Jackie Brodeur was born and raised in in Connecticut before leaving for New York to attend Ithaca College where she earned a bachelor's degree in film. She focused on editing and quickly made a career for herself in Los Angeles.

She is now the in-house editor for Pitman Casting and in the past three years with the company she has done the casting edits for over 50 TV shows adding up to thousands of pitch reels. Jackie, or Jax as she is known in the office, also edits sizzles and trailers for original concepts for Pitman Casting's sister Company, PartyPit Productions.



Absolute Pleasure

"Jacqui and her team pull miracles out of their casting hat. They are an absolute pleasure to work with - on task, on time, on budget, and all with a smile!"

--Lisa Andreas, President and Executive Producer, Incubator


“Jacqui Pitman is one of the most experienced and professional Casting Directors I have ever worked with in alternative television. And, in a genre where characters are king, it’s essential to have someone who knows how to find the goods. Pitman Casting does.”

Rob LaPlante
SVP, Development, Lighthearted Entertainment Inc.

Counted on

“Jacqui Pitman and her Pitman Casting crew can absolutely be counted on to get the job done whether it is specialty or general casting. That level of certainty is worth everything.”

Howard Schultz
President, Lighthearted Entertainment Inc.

Simply the best

"“Since Jacqui has trained most of the reality casting executives working in town, it is safe to say she is ‘Simply The Best’.
As a creator of hit shows herself, Jacqui understands and delivers what today’s networks need in a successful cast.
I have worked with Jacqui over the past 20 years, and to this day she is as creative and passionate about casting as anyone else in this crazy ‘reality’ genre. Be it episodic or arcing game or docu-reality driven by characters, Jacqui is the s*#t! Hire her for f**k’s sake!”

Gareth Provan
Executive in Charge, Alternative Programming NBC Universal

Outrageously dedicated

“Jacqui Pitman is one of my favorite people in the world! Jacqui Pitman is outrageously dedicated! Jacqui Pitman owes me money!”

Scott St. John
Executive Producer of the NBCUniversal’s “Deal or No Deal” and “Winner Takes All”


“I have known Jacqui Pitman for years as one of the preeminent casting directors of reality TV series, big and small. Her instincts have proven critical to getting first-year series onto the right track, and to fixing projects that, prior to her coming aboard, were on the wrong. Creators appreciate her respect of their vision and ability to improve upon it with excellent casting.”

Ghen Maynard
Producer and Former EVP, Alternative Programming CBS Paramount Network TV

Never rests

“Jacqui Pitman and Pitman casting is one stop shopping for all of your casting needs. Jacqui never rests until she finds you exactly what you are looking for and what she finds is always great TV.”

Jeff Olde
EVP of Programming & Production for E!

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